Vladivostok Port, Russia

The Vladivstok Port handles vast amounts of imported and exported cargo. The items that are exported often include timber products, non ferrous and ferrous metals, ships and of course fish. Imported items include clothing, vehicles, ships, household items, medicines and food products. Containers are also received by the Port in Vladivostok and includes general cargo, bulk and liquid cargo. The Trans-Siberian Railway was completed in 1905, and is vital to the transportation of cargo that is received by the Vladivostok Port.

The Port in Vladivostok has sixteen berths that are lined up next to each other, with a total length of 4 200 meters. Fifteen of the berths can be used as multi purpose berths and the sixteenth berth specializes in container handling. Two of the berths can accommodate passenger ships. The Vladivostok Port also has a shed area and an open storage area. The shed covers a 63 390 square meter area and the open storage area is 175 534 square meters and the two operational refrigerated warehouses are 5 000 square meters each. The Vladivostok Port has an oil terminal that carries a 25 500 ton capacity and allows tankers to berth alongside, with drafts of up to 10 meters. The bunkering of ships and oil exports are also handled by the oil terminal.

The Vladivostok Port has modern services available to all vessels that includes towage, tallyman, stevedoring and agencies, that are supplied by the companies inside the Port area. A railway system, with a total length of 20 kilometers of on dock rails, transports cargo in and out the Port area. The Port’s Code of Customs regulates all rules in regard to the service delivery and work done by the Vladivostok Port.

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