Onega Port, Russia

According to the Novgorod documents, there was a small village here as early as 1137. It was known as Ust-Onega and it continued to be marked on maps over subsequent centuries. In 1780 the settlement was officially chartered by Pyotr Shuvalov. Shuvalov did so in order to sell his rights to fell timber in the area to some English industrialists who then built a number of sawmills in the area. Hence the town has enjoyed a long and interesting history which locals are generally proud of. Today Onega Port plays a minor role on the White Sea as ships often choose to berth here where their cargo can be transferred to the Arkhangelsk-Murmansk railway line and then transported further inland. Onega also serves as the administrative centre for the Onezhsky District.

Visitors to Onega Port will not find much here other than a great small-town atmosphere. Generally speaking, the best way to enjoy the town is to settle down for a peaceful weekend and to perhaps go for a meal or a drink at one of the local bars or restaurants. If you are looking for an attraction, there is a disused monastery which you might think of touring. It’s cathedral was erected in 1796 and the church, although old and not in use, is quite interesting to look at. Otherwise some quiet time spent watching the happenings of the port or a short boat trip to Kiy Island which is just offshore from Onega are great ways to spend your time here.

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