North West Russia

Perhaps the most well known city in Northwest Russian is St. Petersburg, but there are many other cities in the region worth visiting. Eleven percent of the population of Russia live in this region so where ever you go you will find friendly faces and a welcoming atmosphere. The North West region is vast and varied. The area of the region being larger than that of the Scandinavian countries combined. This amazing region has a moderate continental climate from warm, humid summers to incredibly cold winters with snow. Change in a season which provides many different opportunities for those seeking adventure.

When it comes to getting back to nature, you can choose from several natural zones such as arctic, snow-laden deserts to millennia old forests. There are also many rivers and lakes. Many of which, besides being incredibly beautiful, are used as a source of transportation. The largest lakes in Northwest Russia are Ladoga, Onega, Beloye and Ilmen. Besides this natural splendor, Northwest Russia also has natural riches. There are large deposits of raw materials such as coal, copper and nickel as well as oil, gas and peat. Much of the wood that is harvested throughout Europe stems from the magnificent forests of Russia.

There is much to do in this region as much of it is historically and architecturally laden. St Petersburg makes for magnificent sightseeing opportunities. Here you will find impressive turreted imperial buildings and legendary palaces and churches. You could also take a troika ride, a traditional sleigh carriage drawn by three horses, to add a little enchantment to your trip.

You will find that each city, town and village in North West Russia has its own sense of charm and warmth which makes you feel immediately welcome. Certainly you will find that Northwest Russia will charm and delight you.

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