Sochi Ports, Russia

The passenger terminal that is located within the Sochi Port, is one of the most modern and is an attractive building. The entire Sochi area is known as the most beautiful place to visit in Russia. The sanatorium meets all the international and national standards, and the city is littered with close to 200 hotels. Sochi is basically considered a beach town, and the Sochi Port plays a vital role to the tourism industry of the area.

Although thePort in Sochi handles mostly passenger vessels, it is equipped to handle commercial traffic. Ships and vessels with a length of 200 meters and a draught of 8 meters can be accommodated within the port, and bigger vessels can be serviced on the roadstead. The Port in Sochi is also a direct connection with Georgia, Greece, Turkey and Ukraine, and therefore, a trading post is under construction within the port.

Yachts and other smaller boats, have to sail through the commercial harbour to reach the yacht harbour. The yachts will have a few formalities to complete before being permitted entry. All boats, including yachts that are inbound from other Russian ports, are required to clear Port Control, Customs and Immigration. After mooring at the required station, officials will come on board to run through the necessary procedures, and it is essential that the outward clearance be completed when in the commercial habour side. Unfortunately the crime rate is extremely high in Sochi, and all yacht and boat owners are advised not to leave their boats unoccupied in the evenings.

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