Rostov Port, Russia

Rostov Port deals with the loading and discharge of all imported and exported cargoes. Its services include fleet maintenance, warehousing and transshipments. Russian river-to-sea vessels often sail from Rostov-on-Don to various Mediterranean ports and is accessible from five different seas. Not only is the Port of Rostov a hive of port activity but also a rail hub. Rostov, therefore has ship and locomotive repair yards to support the services offered by the Port of Rostov. The city is home to many different industries, to which the port is a vital part of their product distribution. Industries such as chemical manufacturing factories, electrical equipment manufacturers, road making machinery plants, clothing, leather goods, agricultural machinery, tobacco farms and many others, rely on the Rostov Port for the transportation of these goods.

Favorable conditions were created, by the establishing of a crossing point at the Rostov-on-Don Port. It has opened new doors to foreign trade transportations, it has provided much needed job opportunities and creates added proceeds that are allocated to the local and federal budgets. The new crossing point at Rostov-on-Don Port will ease the pressure of excessive overloading at Azov Seaport, that is currently being experienced. Ships will no longer have to lie idle, and the very first ship that passed the Rostov-on-Don crossing, was flying a Malta flag. Rostov Port hopes to increase the number of international vessels to its crossing. A need to relieve the workload that Novorossiysk is battling with was recognized in 2005, and a new port location was commissioned in the same year. This addition will expand the Rostov Port’s shipping capacity by 1.3 million tones of freight annually.


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